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Lew Apollo is a rising force in the world of Neo Soul-Blues Rock, captivating audiences with his soul-stirring melodies and poignant songwriting. Born and raised in Barnum, MN, Lew's journey in music began with a deep connection to the rich musical heritage of his home state.

Following the successful release of his debut EP 'JUNGLE' (5/12/23) produced by BLK ODYSSY and garnering over 150,000 streams in less than two months, Lew Apollo has established himself as the new voice of Neo Soul-Blues Rock. Catalyzed by his Father's Suicide in Fall 2022, Lew has dedicated his songwriting to normalizing some of life’s most troubling obstacles – isolation, entrapment, anxiety, temptation, and depression – in hopes of making listeners feel less alone with their own struggles. Having sold out legendary venues in Austin such as The Pershing and nearly Antone's Nightclub, Lew is charting to release his debut full length album in 2024.

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Austin, Texas



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